Jacob Honda is a small indie game development team based in Yamaguchi,Japan.The members of the team are Makoto Nishizaki and Mellisa Kato. Actually, there was another member but he left the team last year, leaving a memo saying “Dude,Mexico is calling me!” Iain,if you are alive send us a message via Twitter. Anyway,we are mainly developing games for smartphones and tablets, and have released 4 games on Google Play and 2 games on App Store so far.


Early history of Jacob Honda

Jacob Honda was founded around 2014 by Makoto Nishizaki, who grew tired of writing batch processes with COBOL every day. The first released game, “Jacob’s Fifteen Puzzle”, was downloaded 32 times on Google Play. The next released game, “Jacob’s Space War”, similar to Atari’s Missile Command, was downloaded 25 times on Google play. Incidentally, it is taboo within the team to talk about these games currently in suspension.

Recent Jacob Honda

Currently we are developing a game series whose main character is a girl, and finally released its first title last month. The release date of the series sequel is unknown, but sending a message of support to the designer, Mellisa, may make the release come a little faster.