A blue perfume bottle

Release date:
20 June, 2017
iOS App Store / Google Play
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A blue perfume bottle is a 3D escape game about a mysterious place. In order to escape from the mysterious place look everywhere for items and clues, and solve gimmicks.


Initially, this game was scheduled to be completed in about two or three months. However, as the main developer of this game, Makoto focused heavily on graphics and camera work and the development period gradually increased. Development began from around January 2017, and was completed in the middle of June.


  • The selling point of this 3D escape game is an eerie atmosphere. The difficulty is not high, but you’ll probably enjoy the progressively weird atmosphere.
  • To us,obvious ominousness is not interesting. For example, when a woman with a huge sickle follows you with a crazy look on her face, it’s very predictable. So we stick to a natural unpredictable atmosphere.
  • When a zombie and a ghost come out nowhere, and of course the man with an ax won’t hide under the bed. This game will bring you a special experience, excluding these situations.



A blue perfume bottle Credits

Makoto Nishizaki
Game Design, Programmer

Mellisa-Sakura Kato
Game Design, Artist