the Anthurium

Release date:
14 February, 2019
iOS App Store / Google Play
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Escape Game “the Anthurium” You are trapped in an old house. There are various gimmicks and hidden items that someone set up in the house, so you can’t easily escape from there. Explore the whole of the house, get clues and useful items, and unlock all gimmicks to escape.


This game was planned by Makoto Nishizaki as a sequel to the previous work “a blue perfume bottle” around the spring of 2018.


  • Outstanding graphics with a sense of ruins
  • Stunning camera work
  • Many unique and quirky items
  • A number of strange furnishings that stir up the freaky feeling.
  • Some shocking facts that gradually become apparent
  • 3 tracks of original music recorded for this game



the Anthurium Credits

Makoto Nishizaki
Game Design, Programmer

Mellisa-Sakura Kato
Game Design, Artist

Iain Thomas